Federal Judge Conditionally Certifies Class of Admissions Representatives

On July 15, a federal judge in Minnesota conditionally certified a class of admissions representatives employed by Regency Corporation, which runs a chain of for-profit beauty schools. The lawsuit alleges that the admissions representatives were denied overtime by being required to work off-the-clock. The opinion is entitled Michelle Le, et al. v. Regency Corp., et al., 13-cv-00391-DWF-SER (D. Minn. July 15, 2013), and you can get a copy by clicking HERE. This is a good decision. Although the admissions representatives (a.k.a. sales representatives) in this case alleged that they worked off-the-clock without being paid, in many other cases (some of which have been handles by our firm) admissions representatives employed by for-profit colleges and trade schools have successfully alleged that they were misclassified as exempt from the overtime laws. However, in our experience, many college and trade school admissions representatives do not perform the types of managerial or administrative duties necessary to fall within the exemptions to the overtime right laws, including the Pennsylvania overtime rights laws. We are always happy to discuss the overtime rights of admissions representatives (a.k.a. admissions reps) or sales representatives.
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