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This lawsuit seeks to recover unpaid overtime compensation for oil and gas rig employees who worked for Grant Production Testing Services, Inc. The workers allege that Grant violated federal and state overtime laws by paying them a "day rate" that did not include overtime premium compensation for hours worked over 40 in a week.

Case Updates

JUN 1, 2015

Today, our firm, along with co-counsel Kennedy Hodges, LLP, started this class/collective action lawsuit by filing a Complaint in the Federal Court in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The lawsuit is brought on behalf of employees who performed work on oil and gas rigs in Pennsylvania. The lawsuit alleges that, during some of the covered time period, Grant Production Testing Services, Inc. paid them a "day-rate" and failed to pay extra overtime compensation when the employees worked over 40 hours per week. The lawsuit alleges that this practice violates the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act (“PMWA”). A copy of the Complaint is available below.

JUL 6, 2015

Today, Grant filed an Answer to the Complaint. In the Answer, Grant denies violating the law and asserts that its pay practices are legal. A copy of the Answer is available below.

DEC 15, 2015

Today, our firm filed a Motion seeking “conditional certification” of the FLSA collective and “certification of a class” under the PMWA on behalf of the following individuals: All field employees who worked for Grant Production Testing Services, Inc. in Pennsylvania during any time between June 1, 2012 and July 15, 2015. You can access a copy of this Motion below.

FEB 1, 2016

We are delighted that , earlier today, the Judge granted our conditional certification motion. As a result of the Judge's ruling, notice will be mailed to out in the coming weeks all of the workers covered by this lawsuit. A copy of the Court’s ruling is available below.

MAY 11, 2016

Today, the Judge issued an order approving the notice and consent to join forms that will be sent to potential members of the FLSA collective and members of the certified class under the PMWA. You can access this Order below.

JUL 25, 2016

Today is the postmark deadline for individuals to join the FLSA collective portion of this lawsuit by returning a consent to join form. To date, a total of 34 individuals have joined the lawsuit. We are very happy to be representing these individuals going forward.

AUG 5, 2016

Today, we filed a Motion for leave to file an amended complaint. If granted, Grant Production Testing Services Ltd., Cathy Mason, and Grant Stevens will be added as defendants to this case. A copy of this motion is available below.

AUG 26, 2016

Today, the Judge issued an order granting our Motion to amend the complaint to add Grant Production Testing Services Ltd., Cathy Mason, and Grant Stevens as defendants. A copy of the Court’s order and the Amended Complaint are available below.

FEB 27, 2017

Today, lawyers for Grant and the other named defendants filed an Answer to the Amended Complaint. In the Answer, the defendants deny violating the law and assert that its pay practices are legal. A copy of the answer to the amended complaint is available below.

MAY 18, 2017

Today, the Judge conducted a conference to set a schedule for the remainder of this lawsuit. At the conclusion of the conference, the Judge issued a scheduling order which can be accessed below. Some notable dates in the scheduling order are a September 30, 2017 for the discovery phase to end. In addition, Judge Brann placed this lawsuit in the June 2018 trial list.

SEP 7, 2017

Today, Judge Brann issued an order extending some of the deadlines applicable to this case. The deadlines were extended in order to give the parties a chance to engage in settlement discussions and to participate in a settlement meeting with the Court-appointed mediator. The order extending the deadlines can be accessed below. Under the new schedule, all discovery must be completed by November 30, 2017.

JAN 4, 2018

Today, the Judge extended the discovery deadline to February 5, 2018. This extension was granted to give Grant more time to produce to our firm some documents and other information that was previously requested and remains outstanding. The Judge did not alter any other deadlines. A copy of today's order is available below.

MAR 16, 2018

Today we filed a motion for preliminary approval of the class action settlement in the case. If the Court grants this motion, a notice will be mailed out informing class members of the terms of the settlement and providing the date and location of the final approval hearing.

MAR 19, 2018

Today we are pleased to announce that Judge Brann granted our motion for preliminary approval of the settlement. A final approval hearing has been scheduled for July 17, 2018 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. A copy of the Court's order is available below.

JUL 17, 2018

Today we participated in a hearing in Williamsport, PA on our motion for final approval of this settlement. At the end of the hearing, the Judge announced that he would be approving the settlement. A copy of the order that was issued on this motion is available below.

Case Documents

  • “Have significant experience in similar matters under the [Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act]” - Torres v. Brandsafway Indus. LLC, 2023 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 10631, at *8 (W.D. Pa. Jan. 20, 2023).
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