Winebrake & Santillo’s Northeastern Pennsylvania Overtime Lawyers Obtain Favorable Court Ruling in Overtime Rights Lawsuit Against Air Drilling Associates on Behalf of Gas and Oil Employees

Our Northeastern Pennsylvania employment rights lawyers recently obtained an important victory in a collective action lawsuit entitled Neal v. Air Drilling Associates, Inc., 3:14-cv-01104-JMM. The lawsuit is proceeding in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania in Scranton, PA and is assigned to United States District Judge James M. Munley.

The lawsuit alleges that the Company violated federal wage law by failing properly pay its field workers at its gas and oil drilling sites throughout the United States. Our clients allege that the Company accomplished this by requiring field employees to work “off-the-clock” and not be paid for hours worked in excess of 12 per day. The lawsuit seeks to recover unpaid overtime wages in addition to liquidated damages, attorney’s fees, and litigation expenses. Judge Munley held that these employees were “similarly situated” and granted the plaintiffs’ motion for conditional certification. A copy of Judge Munley’s order is available here. Notice is now being sent to those individuals who worked as filed employees for the Company during the last three years to provide them with the opportunity to join or “opt-in” to the lawsuit by completing and returning a “Consent to Join” form.

If you have any questions about this lawsuit or your wage/overtime rights, do not hesitate to contact our firm. We have had great success litigating wage and overtime complaints in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States.

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