Our Firm’s Overtime Victory for Landscape Employees Who Were Not Paid For All Work Hours

After a three-day federal court trial, our firm recovered approximately $18,500 for three employees of a Philadelphia landscaping company. In addition to this payment, the landscaping company was required to reimburse our firm for its attorney’s fees and expenses.

In this trial, our three clients proved that the company failed to pay them for work performed at the beginning and end of their work shifts. This unpaid work included, among other things, gathering tools and loading and unloading the truck at the shop. Under the federal and state overtime laws, employees generally are entitled to be paid for all the time that transpires between the first and last activities performed for the benefit of the employer. This is known as the “continuous workday rule.”

This federal court victory exemplifies how many landscaping and construction employees are cheated out of wages owed to them for work performed at the shop.

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