Philadelphia’s Gratuity Protection Law Provides Additional Protections to Servers, Waiters, Waitresses and Other Tipped Employees

Restaurants are frequently cited for having pay practices that do not abide by state and federal wage and hour law. On example is requiring waiters and servers to share their tips with “back of the house” employees such as expediters and kitchen staff. Another is requiring waiters and servers to spend a significant part of their shift performing non-tipped “side work” such as rolling silverware and general cleaning.

However, restaurants in the City of Brotherly Love also need to follow the Gratuity Protection Law that was passed in 2011. This law forbids restaurants and other businesses in Philadelphia from taking a portion of employees’ tips to cover fees charged by credit card companies. The Gratuity Protection Law provides one more example of how servers and waiters may not be receiving all the pay that they are entitled to.

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