New Jersey Overtime Lawyer Alert: You Should Know About this AAA Award Finding that the “Fluctuating Workweek” (A.K.A. “Half-Time”) Method of Overtime Compensation is Not Allowed under the New Jersey Wage and Hours Law

I just came across an important opinion issued by an American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) Arbitrator named William A. Dreir, who is a retired New Jersey Appellate Court Judge. The opinion was issued back on October 30, 2015 in a case called Frisari v. Dish network, LLC, AAA Case No. 18-160-001431-12. Therein, the Arbitrator finds that the Fluctuating Workweek method of overtime compensation is not allowed under the New Jersey Wage and Hours Law (“NJWHL”). A copy of this important arbitration award can be found here: Frisari v. Dish Network, LLC, 18-160-001431-12 (AAA Oct. 30, 2015)

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