Federal Judge Rules Pennsylvania Chili’s Bar & Grill Servers Must Pursue Illegal Tip-Out Claims in Arbitration

Our law firm continues to represent Servers who worked at Chili’s Bar & Grill restaurants operated in Pennsylvania by Quality Dining, Inc. and Grayling Corporation. The lawsuit alleges that the restaurants violated federal and state wage laws by requiring Servers to tip-out restaurant Expediters. After we started the lawsuit, the restaurant changed its tip-out policies. The lawsuit seeks unpaid wages and other damages for the time period before the policy change. The restaurant denies liability. The lawsuit is titled Joseph v. Quality Dining, Inc., 5:16-cv-01907-JLS (E.D. Pa.).

On March 21st, the judge issued a ruling requiring that the claims in this lawsuit be pursued in private arbitration rather than in federal court. A copy of the judge’s decision can be found here.

If you have worked in a Pennsylvania Chili’s restaurant during the past three years and wish to learn more about the Expediter tip-out claims, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (215) 866-1551 or send an email to mdunn@winebrakelaw.com

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